Bucklers Hard £2M Development.


ML Dredging are back on the Beaulieu River dredging phase 2 of the £2M re-development at Bucklers Hard Marina.

Buckler's Hard Yacht Harbour redevelopment

The Marina is close to the historical 18th century UK shipbuilding site at Bucklers Hard and the new investment is seen as securing the future of the marina over the next 25 years as one of the most popular locations, while keeping pace with modern demands for bigger berths and coping with increased visitor numbers.

Bucklers Hard has remained virtually untouched since its opening in 1971 and to keep up with modern boating a complete re-design of the marina was  approved by the Marine Management Organisation and New Forest National Park Authority.

The Montagu family has protected the Beaulieu River for over four centuries, as one of the few privately-owned rivers in the world.

The estate is working with other agencies such as Natural England and The Environment Agency to continue protecting Beaulieu Rivers special habitats and species throughout the project.


Once completed, the marina will include an additional 66 berths taking the total number of moorings up to 264. The development also includes upgraded facilities for both berth holders and visitors.

The new marina layout has been carefully designed to increase capacity, improve facilities and services but also to preserve the unique character of the river and reservations are already being made for the new berths.

This has been achieved by using reconditioned pontoons and timber piles to form the new areas of pontoon infrastructure.


ML Dredging completed dredging Phase 1 of the development in 2018 with our road transportable multi roll vessel ” BOXER” and our split hopper barge” Split Three”.

This year “Split Three” has returned to the Beaulieu River to complete Phase 2 alongside our bespoke backhoe dredger “Witton II” and split hopper barge  “Split Two”.

Working closely alongside the other commercial vessels involved in the project, harbour master, berth holders and other river users the dredging campaign was completed before scheduled minimizing disruption on the river.

For any information on Bucklers Hard please visit their website:



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