Small Hopper Barges 60m3


  • Length LOA
    Overall 20m
  • Freeboard
  • Draft (unloaded)
  • Draft (loaded)
  • Hopper Length
  • Beam
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Propulsion
  • Door open/close
    Hydraulic - by portable power pack
  • Dry Weight
    30 Tonnes

small hopper barges

These hoppers are ideal for River dredging, canal dredging, inland waterways and all hard to reach places.

Being only 4m wide these rare small barges will suit many locations that other larger hoppers simply wont fit.

2 Bottom door hopper barges. Capable of carrying 60m3 The beauty of these barges is that they are road transportable so we can send them anywhere in the UK or further.

Bottom doors are operated with use of a hydraulic ram.

After undertaking a complete refit these barges are ready and available for hire.



Split 2 hopper barge

Split 3 hopper barge

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